European American Aviation is capable of delivering virtually any type of General Aviation airplane anywhere in the world. We have safely ferried to 5 continents dozens of aircraft ranging from fixed-gear four-seaters to turbine amphibians to mid-size business jets.

We can quote these flights on an all inclusive basis or on a cost-plus-fee basis.

We only use Airline Transport rated captains with extensive over-water international flying experience.

Marc Mosier has personally delivered dozens of aircraft literally around the world from A (Australia) to Z (Zimbabwe).

Please contact us for a quote.

Here are some pictures of recent Trans-Atlantic delivery Flights. 

(Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge the picture)

GREENLANDMOUNTAINS.JPG (30645 bytes)N4993S.JPG (72736 bytes)NARSARSUAQ24-8-02.JPG (29659 bytes)NARSARSUAQGLACIER.JPG (59848 bytes) Greenland overflights.

N700PVIN BANGOR1.JPG (39448 bytes) TBM caught in the snow at Bangor (Maine).

OTTER+MARC.JPG (54657 bytes) Turbine Otter en route to France.

SURVIVAL+TB20.JPG (67789 bytes) Marc in Transatlantic survival suit ferrying a new TB-20 to the US.

SANTAMARIA.jpg (54731 bytes) Amphibious Caravan in the Azores, en-route to Madagascar




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