MARC P. MOSIER: Aeronautical Resumé




·         Citation 500/550, 525 (Single Pilot) + IA Jet (Westwind)  type ratings

·         F.A.A. Instrument, Single and Multi-engine Aircraft INSTRUCTOR (CFII, ASMEL), valid till 05/2023

·         European (JAR) pilot certificate with SEP/SET qualifications + Off-airport (“Mountain”) landing endorsement by French DGAC.

·         Current unrestricted FAA and JAR Medical certificates

·         No accidents, fines or violations in over 4 decades of flying



·         In 9000 flight hours, vast number of international flights (from A, Australia, to Z, Zimbabwe), including dozens of transatlantic crossings, most of them solo, in all types of General Aviation aircraft from fixed-gear singles to business jets.

·         Fully North Atlantic qualified, including in RVSM / MNPS airspace. Holder since 1988 of Transatlantic Waiver no. 6605-6 issued by Transport Canada.

·         Co-organizer of the 1st Transatlantic Air Rally from New York to Paris in June 1985 when 66 light aircraft crossed the North Atlantic safely via northern Canada, Greenland and Iceland.

·         US Coordinator of the 1987 Paris-Beijing-Paris Air Race; competitor in this Race in a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle (placed 3rd). 9 F.A.I. speed records were established on the course.

·         US Coordinator of 2 Round-the-World Air Races in 1992 and 1994; competitor in the 1992 edition in an Aerostar 601P (Geneva-Alaska) and a PA-39 (Alaska-France: placed 6th).

·         Winner of the 1996 Air Race of the Americas (New York-Ushuaia-New York) in a Piper Lance.

·         Bronze medal winner in the Long Distance Air Race of the 1997 World Air Games (Iceland-France-Spain-Italy-Israel-Jordan-Turkey) in a TBM-700.

·         Co-Holder of a F.A.I. Coast-to-Coast World Speed Record (California to Florida) in a TBM-700. 



·         Born in Lyon (France) in 1955 / 66 years old

·         MBA from H.E.C. (leading French Business School)

·         MS in International Economics from the University of Paris-IX 

                                ·         Multilingual (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish).



MARCL29.JPG (44900 bytes) A little fun in a jet trainer !

Marc by his Aerostar



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