1/    Our core business is the worldwide search for pre-owned Business and Pleasure aircraft on behalf of our customers. Our extensive international network and database and our intimate knowledge of foreign regulations allows us to tailor the search to the exact needs of each individual customer.




In many cases, our European customers ask us to scout the world markets for a suitable aircraft, which can often be best procured in North America which constitutes by far the largest pool of available aircraft. We can then arrange for the independent technical evaluation of the aircraft, its acquisition, the installation of additional equipment, the registration in the appropriate country (including the creation and management of a US Trust for a non-resident buyer) and the delivery flight.




Our area of expertise extends from single-engine retractable-gear models up to light business jets. A typical transaction price ranges from $100,000 up to $6,000,000.




Contact us for your specific needs.




2/    We represent aircraft for sale on an exclusive basis. In particular, we regularly represent Europe-based aircraft for sale in the United States.




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3/    On a limited basis, we acquire aircraft for our own usage and for resale.




Our current inventory:




2004 CIRRUS SR-22 G2 (SOLD)




2000 PILATUS PC-12/45 (SOLD)






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